Underground Manager, Jeremy Burrows Discusses Vermeer North Atlantic’s Middletown, PA Location Expansion.

When it comes to underground sales at Vermeer North Atlantic, Middletown, one name comes to mind — Underground Manager, Jeremy Burrows. For years, he’s been leading the way throughout the Central Pennsylvania region regarding expertise in the underground utility market. In this article, he discusses his thoughts on what the Middletown location expansion means for customers.

“I think the key benefits to customers will be we will be able to provide an increase in the service work that we provide and added parts availability which will allow our customers to experience minimized downtime. Ultimately, we will be a further resource for our customers.”

When asked about the timing of the expansion, he had this to say.

“The underground market has been growing tremendously for years. This expansion will allow us to further the services we provide to our customers.”

He then concluded by saying that he believes customers choose Vermeer North Atlantic, Middletown because it is a single-line dealership. Other dealerships in the area feature multiple lines of equipment. By comparison, being able to focus on the Vermeer brand of machines means he’s able to provide customers with a depth of knowledge competitors can’t. Throughout the years, customers have come to rely on that knowledge, and they will be able to for years to come.

Gene J. Simonetti, MBA
Director of Marketing
Vermeer North Atlantic