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At Vermeer North Atlantic, we not only want to sell you quality equipment and parts, we also want to be the trusted resource to help you navigate the best solutions for your jobsite. We’ve made a commitment to helping our operators get the maximum performance out of their equipment by providing onsite specialists to answer all of your important questions.

No sales pressure. Just expertise.

Vermeer North Atlantic offers onsite specialist teams who are able to consult with customers in the store and on the jobsite.

Recycling & Forestry Specialist

  • a vast knowledge in the procurement of wood waste material
  • expertise in soil screening, compost screening and other end products
  • production procedure to produce a high-quality mulch product for resale
  • techniques to increase productivity without sacrificing quality
  • experience in efficiently operating and maintaining tub grinders, horizontal grinders and trommel screens
  • nearly 20 years of experience in the recycling and mulch industry

HDD / Underground Specialist

  • training courses for your crew covering areas, but not limited to safety, HDD fundamentals, operator training and locator training.
  • expertise in maintenance, drilling fluids and fluid management, rock drilling and tooling solutions
  • techniques to increase efficiency in mapping, planning and logging support
  • education on unfamiliar and difficult ground conditions
  • nearly 30 years experience in the underground industry

Rental Specialist

  • expertise in local jobsite requirements with appropriate rental recommendations
  • onsite service and training to optimize productivity

Meet our Experts

Recycling & Forestry

R&F Specialist

Jason Goodwin

HDD / Underground

Underground Specialist

Chris Root


Rental Coordinator

David McDaniel