Ben Battaglia, Tree Care and Environmental Equipment Sales Rep., Shares His Perspective on Vermeer North Atlantic’s Middletown, PA Expansion.

Ben Battaglia is Vermeer North Atlantic’s resident tree care and environmental equipment sales expert. Anyone in the southeastern PA area who is in the tree care game knows, when it comes to Vermeer brush chippers, stump cutters, compact articulated loaders, mini skid steers or arborist supplies, there’s no better name to know or place to go.

Ben is known for his exceptional customer care and always stays busy ensuring they get the best product and service possible. Once summer comes, the weather turns warm and business shifts into high gear. That’s when Ben effortlessly ups his game to meet the need. Even so, Ben was able to take half-a-second to share his perspective on the planned expansion efforts and what they mean for customers.

When asked how he thinks customers will benefit from the expansion, here’s what he had to say.

“Our larger, updated facility means we can work on more machines and get them up and running sooner for our customers. We’re adding updated maintenance equipment and more service technicians. Our bigger showroom means we will have everything area arborists would want and more of it.”

He went on to say, the expansion had to happen to keep pace with the expanding tree care and environmental equipment market. Also, advancements in machine technology means customers rely on Vermeer North Atlantic more than ever to stay up to date for their benefit.

Not surprisingly, Ben had to excuse himself to help a customer, but before wrapping up, he added that what he believes makes Vermeer North Atlantic, Middletown so special is the entire team’s commitment to customers. Everyone takes great pride in his or her role. It’s why they have relationships that span years. He ended by pointing out, “Equipped to do more” isn’t just a slogan – it’s a philosophy customers depend on.

Gene J. Simonetti, MBA
Director of Marketing
Vermeer North Atlantic